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yangpath is a single static binary built for the Linux, Mac OS, Windows platforms and distributed via Github releases.

Linux/Mac OS#

To download & install the latest release the following automated installation script can be used:

sudo curl -sL | sudo bash

As a result, the latest yangpath version will be installed in the /usr/local/bin directory and the version information will be printed out.

Preparing to install yangpath 0.0.1 into /usr/local/bin
yangpath installed into /usr/local/bin/yangpath
version : 0.0.1
 commit : bdaa6ab
   date : 2020-08-11T20:27:24Z
 source :
   docs :

To upgrade run the installation script once again, it will perform the upgrade if a newer version is available.


It is highly recommended to use WSL on Windows, but if its not possible, use releases page to download the windows executable file.

Package managers#

Links to the Debian and RPM packages are available in the releases section. For example, to install yangpath v0.1.0 with yum issue the following:

yum install


The yangpath Docker image is available for each release and is tagged accordignly.
You can pull the latest or a specific version:

# get the latest version
docker pull hellt/yangpath

# get a specific release
docker pull hellt/yangpath:0.1.0