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yangpath is an XPATH/RESTCONF-styled schema paths exporter with superpowers.

The exported paths can be immediately used in your NETCONF/RESTCONF or gNMI applications.

$ yangpath export --yang-dir ~/openconfig/public/ \
                  --module ~/openconfig/public/release/models/interfaces/openconfig-interfaces.yang
[rw]  /interfaces/interface[name=*]/config/description  string
[rw]  /interfaces/interface[name=*]/config/enabled  boolean
[rw]  /interfaces/interface[name=*]/config/loopback-mode  boolean
[rw]  /interfaces/interface[name=*]/config/mtu  uint16
[rw]  /interfaces/interface[name=*]/config/name  string
[rw]  /interfaces/interface[name=*]/config/type  identityref->ietf-if:interface-type
$ yangpath export --yang-dir ~/openconfig/public/ \
                  --module ~/openconfig/public/release/models/interfaces/openconfig-interfaces.yang
                  --style restconf
[rw]  /interfaces/interface=name/config/description  string
[rw]  /interfaces/interface=name/config/enabled  boolean
[rw]  /interfaces/interface=name/config/loopback-mode  boolean
[rw]  /interfaces/interface=name/config/mtu  uint16
[rw]  /interfaces/interface=name/config/name  string
[rw]  /interfaces/interface=name/config/type  identityref->ietf-if:interface-type


  • Preserved list keys
    The exported paths have the list keys present.
    Knowing the key names makes it very easy to create XPATH/RESTCONF filters targeting a particular node.
  • Readily available for gNMI
    The exported paths are fully compatible with the gNMI paths, thanks to the keys being present and set to the wildcard * value.
  • RESTCONF-ready
    With a matter of a single flag value switch yangpath will export the paths in a RESTCONF style. Paste them in Postman and you're good to go!
  • Type information
    A unique yangpath feature is its ability to provide the type of a given path. Types give additional context when you retrieve the data, but they are of utter importance for edit the configuration operations.
  • Fast
    Path export with yangpath is quite fast, working with massive models is no longer a problem!
  • User friendly
    As always, we strive to publish the tools which spark joy, therefore pre-built images with an effortless installation and a beautiful and extensive documentation comes included.

Quick Start#


Use the following installation script to install the latest version.

sudo curl -sL | sudo bash
Alternatively, leverage the system packages or docker images.

Export paths#

To export the paths from a given YANG module1:

# assuming cur working dir is the root of openconfig repo
yangpath export -m release/models/interfaces/openconfig-interfaces.yang

Generate HTML path browser#

To create HTML with paths out of template, leverage templating capabilities of yangpath.

  1. in this example paths from the Openconfig interfaces module are exported